At this beautiful time of year, when we gather with family and friends to give thanks for the blessings in our lives, it is a time to consider those among us who are less fortunate. The "face of the poor" has changed. Those who have been able to provide financial assistance to others, now find themselves in need of help. Catholic Charities has seen a significant increase in the number of individuals and families facing hardship and crisis throughout Eastern Connecticut. Catholic Charities is by its very nature and daily work an extension of Christ's mercy.  Since 1921, Catholic Charities has been responding to Christ's call to provide compassionate social services, by Providing Help & Creating Hope to those most in need, throughout Eastern Connecticut.

 Pope Francis has declared November 19th as the first ''World Day of the Poor." The day will focus on the Apostle John's call to love “not with words, but with deeds.”  Pope Francis has stated that "the proclamation of the Gospel is destined primarily to the poor, to those who often lack the essentials far a decent life. The goodness is first announced to them, that God loves them before all others and comes to visit then, through acts of charity that the disciples of Christ carry out in his name."   As the need continues to rise, throughout Eastern Connecticut, I encourage you to join us, as a disciple of Christ and help Catholic Charities carry out the work of Jesus Christ.

 Catholic Charities has a rich history of ministering to people of all faiths. Through your generosity, Catholic Charities can and will continue their mission to help those most in need during their time of crisis.  Let us remember the words of Pope Francis “Among our tasks as witness to the love of Christ is that of giving a voice to the cry of the poor.”  We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to the Catholic Charities Annual Fund.  Your gift is a celebration of our mission now and for years to come.

 Gratefully Yours in Christ,

 The Most Reverend Michael R. Cote, D.D.                            Edward J. Tessman Bishop of Norwich                                                                      Executive Director


Donations made to the Catholic Charities Annual Fund directly support the work of Catholic Charities.

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 Laura's Story

 “I'm writing to share my story with you about what this pregnancy education program and group means to me and my son.

I came to meet with the Pregnancy Educator through referral of my counselor at Catholic Charities. I was seeking mental, emotional and financial support. I was in my second trimester at the time. I was scared because my pregnancy was high risk and my boyfriend was facing jail time after the baby's arrival.

After the first time I met her, I could instantly tell I could trust her. She was very encouraging and reassured me she would help me and my baby in any way she could. She really meant it! During our appointments, we completed referrals for housing, clothing and even day care. I wasn't sure how to apply but she would find the answer instantly for me. Most programs you are told to wait but she always took care of me and what I needed the same day. She provided me with diapers, clothing, nursing bra and a car seat.

The most important thing really for me was she supported me as a mother or as a good friend would. I felt supported, so in turn, I was less stressed in my pregnancy and after the baby's arrival. There's never anything I don't feel comfortable sharing. I would recommend this group and program to anyone expecting a baby even if it's not their first. I feel blessed to have been in it for as long as I have."




Emergency Basic Needs
Our goal is to assist families in crisis by providing immediate help with emergency basic needs (food, clothing, rental assistance, utility assistance, emergency transportation, and financial prescription assistance). We have seen a steady increase of people in our communities who need help. Those who were once donors have now become clients. Given the struggles of so many today, we are challenged to meet the needs of every client who comes to us for help and hope. Last year due to limited funding, Catholic Charities had to refer 225 families to other community service agencies for help. With your support, we hope to reduce the number of referrals our agency makes.

Behavioral Health Services
Our goal is to provide quality and cost effective behavioral health care services to all who seek help, regardless of religious affiliation. Behavioral Health Services addresses problems related to addictions and psychiatric illnesses for individuals, families and couples through Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy. We are pleased to offer a medication management component through the care of our licensed Medical Director and APRN. We are hopeful to introduce a new initiative in response to the community opiate problem and provide a Suboxone protocol to assist those in our community in need during this very tragic time.

Adoption Services
Our program is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families to conduct home studies, make foster home placements and finalize adoptions. We work with all members of the adoption triad, assisting birth parents during pregnancy, facilitating monthly meetings for adoptive mothers, and reuniting adopted adults with birth parents.

Parenting Education
Our goal is to Provide Help and Create Hope for those parents who are involved in the court system due to divorce, child support, or custody disputes. Classes are held in Norwich, New London, Willimantic, Rockville, and Middletown.

Pregnancy Help

Our goal is to support anyone who is expecting a baby. We offer a monthly Support Group to empower parenthood through professional guest speakers and to help participants form a supportive network within the group. We encourage individual sessions with a Pregnancy Educator to discuss with parents their successes and struggles. We also provide basic baby needs and financial support. We are looking to expand our Pregnancy Program to other communities in the future, Providing Help and Creating Hope to those who are pregnant
throughout Eastern Connecticut.

Our goal is to help and unite families through legal representation and education. We provide professional immigration legal services to foreign-born individuals and their families needing assistance navigating the sometimes complex immigration system. We help reunite families separated by many years and thousands of miles. We secure permission to work in the United States for eligible  individuals enabling them to support themselves. We provide a reliable source of legal information, advice, and representation from highly trained and bilingual staff experienced with matters before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the Department of Labor, and the Department of State.

Intensive Case Management Services
We plan, secure, coordinate, monitor, and advocate for unified goals and services with organizations and personnel on behalf of individuals and families. We provide a coordinated comprehensive array of services through ongoing support and frequent contact with a trusting, caring Case Manager. Individuals and families who receive our services, access and use resources and supports that build on their strengths and meet their service needs. All clients are empowered to become self-sufficient.


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