Thinking about Adopting

Catholic Charities has been serving our community since 1921.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Norwich has created a strategic partnership with other Catholic Charities agencies in Connecticut and with local child placing agencies to provide the following:

  • Home studies
  • Domestic Adoptions
  • Kinship Adoptions
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Identified Adoptions/Birth parents and adoptive parents find each other
  • Post Adoption Support Services

To learn more about the process, contact:
Family and Community Services Senior Manager: 
Tracy Martone -
860-889-8346 ext 285

Adult Adoption Services

Looking to connect with a birthparent? We may be able to help.

Adoption search laws vary from state to state.  If you were adopted through The Diocese of Norwich, or are a birth parent who placed a child for adoption through our Agency, please contact us if you would like to learn more about the search process.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Adoption Placements

I am pregnant and stressed out. How can I know whether adoption is right for me and my baby?
Only you can make that decision. Important decisions are never easy. We offer a safe and nonjudgmental place where you can talk. We want to walk with you through your journey and help you to find peace with your decision.

How are the adoptive parents selected?
Agencies are licensed by the State of Connecticut and carefully screen adoptive couples.

What will I know about the adoptive couples?
A lot! Adoptive families have put together photo albums and written letters that describe themselves, their families, their interests and their hopes and dreams.

I have hopes and dreams for my baby. How can I be sure that my dreams are the same as the adoptive parents?
No two people do have the same dreams. That proves how uniquely each one of us has been made! But, you could meet with the couple and decide for yourself whether you would like them to adopt your child.

Do I have to meet with the couple?
No. Everyone feels differently about making an adoption plan. Some women want to meet the couple, others do not. That is totally up to you.

I'm still not sure. Can I talk to you if I only have questions?
Yes. The best way to make an important decision is to ask questions. Only then will you find answers that are best for you and your baby.

To learn more about the process, call us at (860) 889-8346 ext. 285

"My brother and I are blessed to have had really wonderful lives. We have both grown up to be successful and compassionate adults, thanks to the selfless and loving decision that our birthparents made almost 40 years ago. If I were to meet my birthmom today, I would say, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you!' " - Erin Gizio, Adoptee through Catholic Charities

Check out the inspiring adoption movies that the folks at BRAVELOVE had made to celebrate a mother’s loving adoption choice

To learn more about the search process, contact
Tracy Martone, Family and Community Services Senior Manager
860-889-9346 ext 285

Face of Adoption: Carried In Our Hearts

Mary Beth Cormier

“I can’t get married for two years”. That was my uncensored way of blurting out to my future husband that I wanted to pursue a relationship with him, more than just friends. I regretted saying it the moment those words took a detour around my filter. Dan responded with “Maybe we should date first?” We both had a good laugh at my boldness. In that spirit of communicating, we discussed many of our aspirations while dating. One of our dreams was to adopt a baby one day.

Just under two years later, we did get married (hey, being bold does pay off!). We were not yet in a financial position to adopt, but were open to life from day one. Over the course of 6 years we came to realize that adoption was the way that God meant for us to grow our family all along.

Dan grew up in Taftville, and was familiar with Catholic Charities in Norwich. We were both nervous and excited when we had our first appointment with our adoption coordinator through Catholic Charities. She smiled and answered all of our many questions, and quickly became a strong support for us as we navigated through the journey towards adoption. She referred us to an agency in Texas, where they were in need of adoptive couples! It took us three months to complete all the paperwork to be home study approved for both CT and TX. We were so excited when we became an official waiting family! We made multiple copies of our profile book, which would be given to expecting mamas. All we had to do was to carry on with our lives and wait for that phone call that we were matched!

Shockingly enough, we were already matched with a little girl only 4 short weeks after waiting! This was going so much faster than we thought! As we scrambled to ready the nursery, buy everything pink, get our plane tickets, arrange for hotel and car rental…our amazingly generous community of friends and family hosted a fundraiser for us! We couldn’t wait to hold that little bundle of joy in only 3 weeks, when she was due. Two days before our scheduled flight, the phone rang. It was Texas! She must be going into labor early, we thought. But our hearts sank as it turned out to be the call that every adoptive parent fears. She decided to parent. We knew we should not have gotten so attached, but that’s one thing to say…it’s completely another to reign in your heart. She was born that night and her mother was kind enough to share some pictures of her with us! We will always pray for that little girl and wish her and her family well!

Of course, we had to pick ourselves up from our bootstraps after the failed match and continue to trudge ever onward. So much faith and hope was needed. It would be 5 more months of waiting before we received another call. During the wait, I decided to induce lactation to breastfeed our adopted baby. I followed the guidance of Andrea Dameron, APRN, a lactation consultant. Dan was my biggest support and got excited with me as I saw the milk production go from drops to ounces at a time! Seeing my body finally function to support life in a way that it was designed to helped to heal the scars left from infertility. I did eventually go on to produce a full supply and donated over 2,000 ounces of milk!

Five months after losing that little girl, we found ourselves at the feet of Jesus in adoration at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We poured out our hearts. We knew our profile was being shown to a woman expecting a little boy, and prayed for both of them. That next morning, we received that much anticipated phone call! We were matched with that baby boy, due in only 6 days! We wanted to guard our hearts this time, but it was so hard not to get excited. We flew to Texas three days later and met with our son’s birthmother and her mother. We were so nervous to meet them, but we all conversed easily and enjoyed our time together. We continued to get to know each other over the next two days, as she was induced and labored for 26 hours. She graciously allowed us in the labor room, though she did have a C-Section after all that laboring. Our hearts melted as we received a text from the operating room…Nathaniel Isaiah was born! We were so excited to meet him just a few minutes later! In the recovery room was Nathaniel’s biological mother, Dan, & myself. Nathaniel took to my nursing him like a champ! Dan and I enjoyed lots of skin-to-skin time as we bonded with our new son. The staff at the hospital was so good to us! They gave us adjoining rooms with Nathaniel’s biological mom, and we went back and forth between each other’s rooms and spent a great deal of time loving this little boy together. We have maintained an open adoption and even visited with his biological family when we flew back to Texas for finalization!

We had never seen the finalization of an adoption before, so it took us by surprise how beautiful it would be. It felt like were saying our wedding vows all over again. Our eyes filled with tears of joy when we were asked, “Do you take Nathaniel to be your son, now and forever? Will you be his Mom and Dad, and will you love him forever?” Oh, how those words came so easily as we hugged the little boy that God destined for our family: “We do”.

At 7 months old, we certainly cannot picture our lives without little Nathaniel! He is a little bundle of energy and joy and truly brightens our lives! I love seeing Dan come home and snuggle with his “little man”. Many people are actually shocked to learn that he’s adopted, since he looks so much like Dan! I can’t imagine loving this little boy any more if he had grown inside me. As he gazes into my eyes and gives me a milky smile while my body provides the nutrition he needs, I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As we look back, we can recall that first conversation about adopting while we were dating. Never could we have guessed what a journey it would be…but it was all so worth it. Nathaniel and I still enjoy attending Catholic Charities’ support group of waiting moms, and can’t wait to share in others’ joy of adoption as well! We hope to go through it all over again in the future, if it be God’s will for our family to continue to grow.

If you would like to learn more about our story or follow us in the future, feel free to visit my blog: cormieradoptionstory.wordpress.com.

How Adoption Has Affected my Life

A loving family adopted me when I was 4 months old. I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe. The Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, north of the Black Sea. My parents and older brother flew out of JFK airport and landed in the capitol city, Kiev and traveled 17 hours by train to the port city, Odessa.

I was a very sickly infant and was placed immediately, after my birth, in an orphanage that was understaffed with deplorable living conditions. Once home, in the United States, I had numerous eye surgeries and overcame 2 bouts of pneumonia. I was very privileged to be living in the United States to receive the appropriate care.

My parents have given my brother and I the opportunity to immigrate to the United States. However they always emphasize how proud they are of my Ukrainian heritage and my older brother’s Lithuanian heritage. I have grown up on the shoreline in Connecticut and have been fortunate to participate in scouts, music, athletics and other cultural events.

My life has been affected in such a positive way…My parents always support me spiritually, academically, athletically and socially. Faith has always been my family’s central focus and is reflected in our lifestyle. I nourish my faith by attending Mass weekly and praying often. My most rewarding spiritual activity is altar serving with my parish priest.

My mom has taught me the importance of community outreach and helping those less fortunate. Our family has been participating in various service projects since I can remember. One of our favorite projects is serving the homeless at the overflow shelter in New Haven. Other projects include Catechism Heifer Projects, Scout food drives and Family to Family gift sharing.

My favorite family times are usually at the dinner table or away on vacation where we spend quality time with one another.

All of my God given talents, personal interests and various activities are not only used to better myself, rather to better the people around me and live like Jesus to the best of my ability. I truly am blessed.

Adoption News and Notes

Adoption Is Love

Words Of Wisdom From One Of Our Birth Mothers

"No matter the journey of how you got to where you are now, no matter the choices and circumstances of how you became pregnant does not matter. What matters are the choices you make for your future and the future of your baby. That's right I said YOUR baby, because this child is inside your belly will ALWAYS be your baby. You sitting there listening to my story doesn't mean you don't care or you don't love that child it means you have such a love that goes beyond any other kind of love imaginable. Please do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

At the time of my pregnancy, several years ago, I obviously had no idea where my life was headed and where I would be years from then. I hated myself and what had happened, but I never once hated my unborn child. My son was all that I could think about. Trying to figure out how to raise a baby all on my own, with very little income and no place to live. I had just enrolled in college and was supposed to start in the fall. There were so many things I wanted to do before having kids and I knew my life would be forever changed. But even more importantly, my son would grow up missing out on a great life that he truly deserved. Abortion was not an option for me, I never believed in abortion and I wasn't about to start then.

My mom was the one who mentioned adoption to me and trust me when I say that was the farthest option from my mind. I was so angry that she even thought I would be interested in something like that. After a few restless nights of crying and wallowing in self-pity, I started reading about adoption and stories from other birth mothers. I contacted Catholic Charities to set up a meeting to learn more. After my first meeting I just had this feeling of relief come over me. I took some time to look over Adoptive Parents' photo albums and I picked my favorite family. Then, I gave some ones to my mom and without talking she picked the same family. I knew it was meant to be. The rest is, well history.

Since that time, I earned a college degree, got a good job, married and have 2 beautiful daughters. I also receive yearly updates on my son from his adoptive parents.

So, every year, I know how truly happy and healthy he is - and that is more than enough for me to know that I made the right decision."

We believe that all children deserve a loving, committed, safe and permanent family. Through our adoption program, generations of children have been raised in loving adoptive homes.

Quote from a Client: "I remember my parents sitting me down when I was six and my parents telling me that I am a gift, and that was one of the most comforting and the best thing that a six year old could hear, that I was a gift from God, and I really think it is." - Christina, Adoptee and Birthmom


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