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The Day and Our Community, Making a Difference this Christmas!

Posted on December 31, 2020 in: Catholic Charities News

The Day and Our Community,  Making a Difference this Christmas!

Catholic Charities would like to thank The Day newspaper, and our very generous and caring community, for their outpouring of gifts, money, gift cards, clothing, toaster oven, toiletries, and much more, to help our family of 5, as part of the “Make a Difference” program.  Due to the pandemic and the closing of dad’s place of employment, the family is struggling. The family has two autistic children which require a lot of care and attention and Mom is staying home to take care of the family. With the loss of income, they can barely afford the most basic necessities and monthly expenses.

Because of the very generous support of our community, our family of 5 was able to not only have a memorable Christmas, but they were also able to lift their financial burdens and pay their rent and utilities as well!  The response from our community was awe-inspiring! 

On Tuesday, December 22, the Agency received a visit from the whole family to collect their many blessings.  In amazement and with grateful hearts, the family received your caring gifts.  The mother was brought to tears and thanked not only Catholic Charities, but also The Day newspaper, and especially thanked the many people who opened their hearts and who gave so generously!

In a letter Catholic Charities received from the family, they wanted to “thank God and everyone else who made this possible.  My family and the children are very grateful for being the family to receive these blessings so big from The Day and everyone involved. God knows everything and the necessities of each heart. I am truly grateful especially in these difficult moments that we are living with this pandemic that has affected my family and other families as well. I am very excited for my family!  Thank You for this beautiful gesture and kind hearts.”

On behalf of the clients, staff, and Board of Directors, Catholic Charities would like to once again, thank our very caring community which, through their donations, enable us to Provide Help & Create Hope for individuals and families in our communities all year long.

If you would like to learn more about Catholic Charities or make a donation, visit our website at ccfsn.org, and like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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