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The St. Augustine’s Ladies Guild met on Sunday April 28th in the afternoon for tea and a baby shower. 

A baby shower for the pregnant mothers and clients with young children of Catholic Charities. The guild met at St. Augustine in the Church Hall where Ed Tessman, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, thanked them for their help and support.  Not only did the guild present Ed with a table full of basic needs and essentials for any new mother, they presented Catholic Charities with a check for $500 to continue the good work that the Catholic Charities does.  Ed stated that these gifts will bring joy to those that seek Catholic Charities out for help and hope during their time of crisis.  Ed shared stories of clients who have benefited greatly from gifts like these in the past and could not have been happier with the new partnership established with St. Augustine’s & Dy. John's Ladies Guild.  Ed joined the guild for tea and finger sandwiches.  Despite a cool and rainy afternoon, hearts will filled with generosity and good will.


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